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Why do we celebrate Customer Servce Week?

National Customer Service Week is celebrated annually during a full week in October. Companies around the globe raise awareness of  this initative by incorporating activities to build morale for their employees and perks for their customers....

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Why do we Celebrate Administrative Professionals' Day?

Administrative Professionals’ Day, is the holiday formerly known as Secretaries’ Day which is celebrated around the world. Today we recognize the work and dedication of receptionists, administrative assistants, secretaries and other...

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De-Stress Your Call Center: How to Manage In a Stressful Environment

The reality is that job-related stress has long been the nemesis of employees/employers around the globe. Stress has been linked in studies to everything from increased illness and related absenteeism, lower productivity to obesity. Given the...

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Retain and Motivate Your Millennial Workers

By Tip Fallon

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Improving Agent Retention

By Kelli Massaro

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26 Tips for Creating an Exceptional Customer Experience

By: Alex Holderness

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